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Larapinta Trail Trek Support Revolutionises Its Trek Support with Starlink Roam

Starlink Roam and Larapinta Trail Trek Support

​Larapinta Trail Trek Support (LTTS) is renowned for providing top-tier trek, trail, and field support services across Central Australia, specifically the Larapinta Trail and the spectacular Chewings Range. In a groundbreaking move, LTTS has integrated Starlink Roam into its operations, bringing unparalleled connectivity to its operations across Central Australia. Starlink Mobility will be rolled out in mid 2024.

Starlink Roam: A Technological Marvel

Starlink Roam, powered by SpaceX, offers impressive technical capabilities, ensuring consistent and high-speed internet access in remote areas. Customers can expect download speeds ranging from 25 -150 Mbps and upload speeds between 5 to 20 Mbps, depending on their location within the Starlink coverage area. With latency hovering around 25 to 60 ms, Starlink Roam provides fiber-like performance, ensuring that the LTTS Field Team stay connected with the world in real-time, no matter how remote their location.

Advanced Connectivity on the Trail

Starlink Roam, the cutting-edge satellite technology from SpaceX, is now a part of LTTS's robust service capability. This technology ensures that the LTTS Field Support Crew remain in constant communication, enhancing safety and providing real-time updates, even in the most isolated locations.

Safety and Enhanced Experience

LTTS's commitment to safety and exceptional trek support capabilities is further strengthened with Starlink Roam. This addition means improved emergency response and coordination capabilities, particularly with our UAV and drone capabilities, real-time data transmission and live streaming for remote medical emergencies.

​Comprehensive Services

With a wide range of services, including trek transfers, food and water drops, and specialised equipment hire, LTTS is dedicated to ensuring every trek is well-supported and memorable. The integration of Starlink Roam into these services represents LTTS's commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in the trekking industry.

Beyond the Larapinta Trail

While the iconic Larapinta Trail is a significant focus, LTTS's expertise extends across Australia. The organisation offers a comprehensive ecosystem of trek support services, including training, expeditions, and search and rescue operations. Starlink Roam technology further solidifies LTTS's position as a leader in trek and trail support, remote area trekking and expedition logistics support.​​


The adoption of Starlink Roam by Larapinta Trail Trek Support marks a new chapter in delivering exceptional trek support experiences. This innovative step enhances the safety and enjoyment of treks and showcases LTTS's dedication to offering the best in remote connectivity and trek support. Discover more about our services and capabilities and how we're revolutionising hiking and trekking in remote areas at​


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