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Larapinta Trail Trek Support Enhances Operations with Zoleo Integration

Enhanced Connectivity and Safety: LTTS Integrates Zoleo Devices into Operations

Zoleo and Larapinta Trail Trek Support

Larapinta Trail Trek Support (LTTS), a renowned provider of trek support services in Australia, has announced the permanent integration of Zoleo devices into their operational infrastructure after more than 12 months of intensive field testing in Central Australia. This strategic move is poised to enhance how LTTS tracks and communicates with its fleet vehicles and field staff.

By adopting Zoleo's cutting-edge technology, LTTS Field Crew now have enhanced 24/7 tracking capabilities, ensuring seamless communication in even the most remote areas when on the Larapinta Trail and elsewhere.

The Zoleo devices provide reliable two-way messaging, email, and app-to-app messaging, functioning beyond the limits of traditional mobile networks. They are equipped with an SOS alerting feature with 24/7 monitoring, offering an added layer of safety during remote operations, trekking expeditions and search and rescue operations. Additionally, the Medical Assist feature provides access to non-emergency medical advice, which is invaluable in remote locations.

LTTS has found the speed, reliability and coverage of the Zoleo devices have been faster and superior to the Garmin devices used by LTTS for messaging, allowing LTTS Field Team staff to communicate with its office ​ up to 70% faster compared to Garmin Inreach devices.

Zoleo devices fuse global messaging coverage across satellite, cellular, and Wi-Fi networks. They take advantage of the lowest-cost network, transmitting via cellular and Wi-Fi when they are available and over the Iridium® satellite network when they aren’t.

This integration is a testament to LTTS's commitment to safety and efficiency. It aligns perfectly with the LTTS MSC (mobile satellite communication) infrastructure which includes vehicle-based Starlink capabilities, Iridium Satellite phones, Garmin GPS-InReach devices and now and Zoleo capabilities. Each LTTS vehicle and field team is equipped with an MSC capability, enabling LTTS to have one of the most advanced and sophisticated mobile-based satellite communication capabilities in Central Australia.

Overall, adopting Zoleo devices significantly advances LTTS's capability to provide safe, efficient, and comprehensive trek support services across Australia, reinforcing its position as a leader in the field of remote area logistics support for hiking, trekking, trail running, MTB rides and adventure based search and rescue operations.

More Information about Zoleo:

Disclosure and Message from LTTS Founders

LTTS uses only equipment that has been operationally tested and proven during its operations in some of the toughest conditions in the world - Central Australia. Generally, the operational lifespans of equipment and technology in Central Australia are 30% to 40% less than those used in moderate climate 'comfort zones' areas of Australia, such as the East Coast. This is due to the intense variable geomorphology and climate of Central Australia, particularly our summer. If equipment survives and performs well during our intense testing and use in our operational environment, we will be more than happy to promote that product, but LTTS does not receive or accept any benefit or reward from any company or entity whose product or services we do mention such as Zoleo as in this article.



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